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"Brilliant course. I arrived a complete novice and left six hours later with the knowledge and resources to confidently manage the letting of my first property. Marie is very knowledgable, current and generous with her information and time".
Jenny Mcbean
"I attended a learn2let course at Henley College last year, Marie was fantastic, it was so helpful to me as a private landlord and I have already put my new found knowledge and skills to good use. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who rents property out! A must! Thanks Marie!"
Kim Pearmain Farrell
"Thankyou for all your advice Marie, you saved me a fortune in estate agent fees, i would never have attempted to manage my own letting without your guidance! The property game is just so overwhelming at times......".
Kelly Kennedy
"My husband and I decided to manage our own property and save money on management fees. We purchased your book. I would just like to say it was money well spent – The book has all the necessary forms required to let a property, it was easy to understand and easy to set up the tenancy agreement. I would like to say a big thank you to you for saving us heaps of money. The book has now become our bible for letting information!"
Laura Smith (Bradfield, Reading)
"I found the course very practical and informative. It is definitely worth the money and even if you decide not to manage your property it gives you an insight into the legalities of letting your property and what you should be looking for in a management agent. I am intending to set up my own letting agency in the future and would definitely recommend this course".
Rhian Harper (Marlow)
"I didn’t know the law regarding tenants and landlords so it was a real eye opener for me. I think anyone considering letting a property (regardless whether they are using a management agent) should arm themselves with as much information as possible because at the end of the day if anything goes wrong then it is ultimately the Landlords responsibility and he/she will be the one to suffer the most".
Jenny Redman (Marlow)